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A Day in the Life of a Hair Tech: Lauren

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:02 PM  |  by HD-Lauren

Meet LaurenWhen I started at Hair Direct a few years ago, there was one team of hair techs. We handled hair orders, product orders, and even did some finishing and repair work on the hair systems here at the office.  

As the company grew and added tons of products in our online store, we realized that we needed to have smaller teams of hair techs that could specialize in specific areas of hair replacement. To support that growth and change, we divided up into these specialized teams: support techs, finishing center techs, retail techs, and sales techs.

I'm part of that last group-sales techs. But what exactly is a sales tech and what do we do every day? 

Simply put, sales techs specialize in all the products we have in our store and help new clients get started ordering from Hair Direct. We spend our day answering clients' questions by email, phone, webcam and even LiveChat. The biggest part of my job, however, is problem solving with our clients.

A sticky subject

Today I spoke to a client that was having a lot of trouble getting her system to remain firmly attached.  Overall her attachment was pretty strong, but she just had this one pesky spot that kept lifting within a few hours of bonding, and the Ghost Bond adhesive would be very gooey and white in that area. We spent a bit of time discussing her removal, preparation and attachment routine to make sure the proper products and procedures were being used. It sounded like she was doing everything properly, and there wasn't one thing that really jumped out as the cause of the problem.

There isn't much that I dislike more than not knowing what's causing a problem, or how to solve it! So, in cases like this, I work together with the client to form a bit of a plan of action and help her determine what may be causing the lifting. 

We talked about using red liner tape on the poly for easier clean up, and also realized that this will help us more quickly determine if the lifting is coming from the base of the unit or from her scalp. If the red liner stuck to the base of the unit and the unit lifted, it would be safe to say that there is an attachment problem. If the tape did not stick to the base of the system, it was definitely an issue with residue being left on the system. Since one of the main culprits of early lifting is residue on a base, we discussed not only washing the base with Dawn, but also the possibility of having conditioner residue on her hands when prepping the base for attachment.

If the tape stuck to the base, we knew that there had to be a problem with the way that the Ghost Bond was curing in that area. This could be an issue of there being an overactive sebaceous gland in that area, or just an area where the adhesive was being applied too thick. We discussed alternative adhesives and scalp prep products to try that may work better with her body chemistry in that area. We also talked about the fact that with Ghost Bond, it is very important to use only very thin layers of adhesive, or the bond may not cure properly. To me, it sounded like this very well may have been the culprit.  After our conversation, we still may not have known exactly what was causing the lifting, but she did know what steps to take to get this problem fixed! Hopefully she'll get back to me and let me know what happened...

Lost in space

The same day, I spoke to a client who had placed an order with us a few weeks ago. He had paid for expedited shipping through the postal service, and a week later, still had not received his package.  When tracking the package, it was noted that the order had been delivered, but he did not receive it. I know how frustrating this can be, as I have had to deal with quite a few problems receiving packages through multiple couriers in the past, so I definitely wanted to help get this straightened out! I made what I thought was going to be a quick call to USPS customer service...30 minutes later I found out that there was nothing that they could do to try and locate the package until it had been in their system for two weeks. Two weeks?! They had paid to receive the package within a few days! I worked with our shipping department to find a solution, and after doing a bunch of research, we decided to reship the order (although this is not something that we can do at all times), putting trust in the client to return the original package if it was located or delivered at a later time. 

New and overwhelmed

Later, I also spoke to a client who had just placed their very first order for a system. Being brand new to all things hair replacement, all of those items in our store left him not knowing where to begin. He had sensitive, oily skin, and was afraid of ordering the wrong items. I can understand how this can get overwhelming; I have trouble making a choice from a big menu! We took some time to discuss not only his skin, but also his lifestyle (he goes to the gym 5 times a week, where can I get that motivation?!), the type of base that he is using, the hold that he is hoping to achieve, etc. We went through every step of the de/re process, and put together a good order full of Stick It Tape, Top Guard Adhesive, Ghost Bond XL, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover, Blue Max Sealer, and plenty more.  Of course, he understood that there is going to be a good bit of trial and error in the beginning, to find what works best for him, but he had a jumping off point to start from.

Every day is an adventure

Needless to say, it can get pretty busy here in our office. Although we answer similar questions throughout the day, no situation or day is exactly the same. I love speaking with all different types of people, and nothing beats the feeling you get when a client you helped get started in their hair wearing journey calls to tell you how much it has changed their life for the better. Some days can even be exhausting, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

If you need help or have any questions at all related to hair, products or maintenance, give us a call, leave a comment below, or hit us up in the Community. That's what we're here for and we love to help!

About HD-Lauren

While studying to be a teacher, I kept finding myself cutting and coloring the hair of my dorm floor-mates and decided to move into cosmetology full time. After working behind the chair for over 6 years and managing a salon, I found Hair Direct, where I can combine my love for learning new things, educating people, and doing hair. Now licensed for nearly 10 years, it is safe to say that this goofy, live music loving, sports fanatic has found her home!


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Personally , I think if HD just stuck with hair PRODUCTS they would do much better :0)

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