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Is a Stock Hair System Right For You?

Monday, October 07, 2013 9:12 PM  |  by

Image a man choosing between a stock and custom hair systemOur new stock hair systems for men are finally here! With that being said, you may have wondered why you would (or would not) choose a stock system rather than one of our fine custom units. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Depending on the circumstances and your own specifications, a stock unit may be just what you are in need of.

The benefits

1. Delivery time

The most appealing aspect of a stock unit in comparison to a custom unit is by far the delivery time. We typically estimate a completion time of 8-12 weeks for a custom unit, whereas a stock system will ship out from Hair Direct headquarters the same day you order it, or the day after if you place your order after 12pm Eastern time. This is perfect in emergency situations or if you're in need of hair while your custom system is in production. Whereas these units may serve you well in certain situations, they ship to you as they are, without any type of modifications.

2. Price

Another benefit of a stock unit in comparison to our custom units is the price. The cost on one of our stock units is $369, in comparison to $499 for our top of head custom systems (smaller than 10"x8", with 6" of hair length). While this price may be an incentive when ordering a single stock unit, our Standing Order Discounts on custom units is more of a bargain if you are planning on ordering more than 6 units per year. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our Standing Order Discount on stock systems.

What are the specs?

So, what exactly will you receive when a stock unit ships out to you "as they are"? Well, our stock systems certainly aren't what you would expect from a common stock unit. These bad boys are fully equipped with our high definition features including Hollywood lace, bleached knots, and a high definition hairline.

You may be missing out on some of the other features available with our custom units, but you certainly won't be sacrificing great appearance or comfort. These units are delivered with 6" of hair length, 90% density, and a contour of 58cm. You'll probably have to visit your stylist to have some adjustments done so that the system will suit you well. The hair is 100% human, however that grey is synthetic. Our new stock units come in a variety of colors (20 to be exact) ranging from dark brown/black, all the way to blonde! They also have a range of grey percentages from 10-30%. Please be advised that not all colors will have grey or the full range of grey percentages. These stock units will also come in six different sizes varying from 7.5" long by 4" wide, to 10" long by 7.5" wide.

Is it for you?

With the benefits of stock systems--including our high definition features, a cheaper cost (if ordering fewer than 6 units per year without our standing order discounts), and a super quick delivery--one begs to ask, "Why would I even need a custom system?" Like most things, our stock systems have inevitable limitations and unfortunately they simply won't work for everyone. If you have a specific balding area unique to you, variances in your grey pattern (ex. More grey in the temple in comparison to the sides and back), want a density heavier or lighter than 90%, or a hair color that does not match the colors we are currently offering, then you may not be a candidate for our stock units.

Want to learn more?

How do you know if a stock unit will work for you? If you are unsure about your specifications, and are curious about our stock units, please feel free to reach out to one of our dedicated hair techs. We are most happy to help you determine if a stock is suitable for you. As with all of our products, our stock units have the same 30-day unconditional guarantee. If you receive a stock unit and find that it won't work, simply return it to us within the first 30 days of receiving it, for a full refund. What's there to lose?


dbkell said:

is there any chance that the stock systems will eventually have larger bases ex 9x11?

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