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6 Hot Weather Travel Kit Essentials for Your Hair System

Monday, June 10, 2013 6:18 PM  |  by HD-Mary

Image of an airline-safe travel kitSummertime is almost here and a lot of us are planning our vacations. I know that I've been looking forward to mine since last summer! Maybe you're planning your vacation destination to the local beach or some other tropical paradise. Or maybe you're choosing to stay home and laze around the pool all day. Either way you'll need to be prepared to protect your hair system from the sun and heat as well as the ocean or pool.

I'm not going to get in to all of the damage that your hair system can sustain from the sun, ocean and pool because Lauren did an awesome job of that in her post Sizzling Summer Travel: 4 Problems To Prepare For. Instead, I'll give you a selection of recommended products for your hair system that are must haves for your summer vacation travel kit.

Start fresh

Before you start packing, do a fresh attachment with your hair system. You'll want to make sure that your scalp and hairpiece are squeaky clean so you can start your vacation completely confident with a secure bond. The one product that I recommend highly for prepping your scalp is ProTouch No Sweat. This will act as an anti-perspirant for your scalp and give your new bond some extra protection from perspiration that the summertime heat brings on. 

Assemble your travel kit

Ok, so your attachment is done, you're packed and almost ready to leave but you want to make sure you have a security blanket to grab hold of just in case the heat, sun and ocean/pool water take their toll on your hair. The following products are the travel kit essentials I recommend just in case your new bond decides to loosen or lift and also to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

  1. Leave-in conditioner with UV protection - It's just as important to protect your hair system from the sun as it is your skin. A leave-in conditioner is something that should be used daily (and throughout the day) to keep your hair from oxidizing and drying out from the beating it takes from the ocean/pool water and sun.
  2. Tape or liquid adhesive - Pack a small bottle of your liquid adhesive or some of your favorite tape to help you touch-up any areas that may lift from the heat.
  3. Spare hair system - Take along a backup system! Prep the backup before you leave and be ready to go just in case. Place it in a zip-lock bag and have it tucked away in your suitcase. The bag comes in handy for the dirty system that you may need to take off. You can refer to Susan's post Travel Tips For Every Hair Wearer.
  4. Shampoo and conditioner - There are mini kits available in our store that are great for travel. Or you can purchase small plastic bottles at your local store and transfer some of what you currently use in to them.
  5. ProTouch Adjust-A-Bond - This product is great for cleaning up any dark lines from your hairline.
  6. Hair-safe pillowcase - A silk or satin pillowcase helps to protect your hair from rough hotel pillowcases that can cause breakage and tangling.

So what do you think? Did I miss anything? Are there other products that you would recommend? Maybe you don't think any of the products I mentioned are necessities to take on your summer vacation. Either way I would love to hear from you. Give us all the benefits of your knowledge...pay it forward!

Until next time...Happy Hair Days!

About HD-Mary

I have always had a love for hair and all aspects of it. So after years of cutting/coloring/perming and styling family and friends hair I took the leap and put myself through Cosmetology school. I love creating/designing and educating clients. So, I have been referred to by a few in the office as "Obi Wan" because I love to share my knowledge. Hair Direct has allowed me to follow my passions and be a part of a great company to boot!


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