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12 Tips for Transitioning into Bonding

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 9:31 AM  |  by HD-Susan

12 Tips For Transitioning Into Bonded Hair ReplacementTransitioning into bonded hair replacement is no small matter, even if you've been wearing another type of hair system. Usually, we spend months or even years preparing for the "right" time. So, if you're considering it, or have already decided to move forward with bonding a hair system, here are 12 tips to consider before diving in:

1. Don't wait too long

If you are concerned about people knowing you're wearing hair, it's best to start doing it before your hair loss is so severe that there's an obvious change in your look. That said, starting too early can cause other complications, so choose wisely.

2. Plan ahead

Order your first hair system at least 3 months before you plan to start wearing it. This allows time for any delays in manufacturing and gives you time to get prepared.

3. Be sensible

Don't plan to start wearing your very first system the week (or day) before a large event, like your wedding or someone else's. Give yourself at least a month to get acclimated to wearing bonded hair before you plan to head out to a big event. Otherwise, you'll be self-conscious and insecure during the entire event and won't be able to enjoy yourself.

4. Send a swatch

When you place your order, if you can spare a swatch of your actual hair, send it to you hair replacement retailer so they can more accurately match your hair color, texture, and possibly wave or curl. We have a custom fitting kit that makes this really easy for you.

5. Keep it simple

If you can, plan to have a hairstyle that's low maintenance and doesn't require a lot of heat styling or heavy product usage. Taking it easy on the hair will help keep your system in the best condition for the longest possible time.

6. Be flexible

You may be trying to replicate your existing or previous hairstyle but be prepared to be flexible. Because each hair system is handmade from different lots of human hair, your biological hair and your hair system will look more like siblings than twins.

7. Get ready to experiment

A bonded hair system requires a period of experimentation to match an adhesive to your body chemistry. You'll also be tweaking your order specifications for your first few hair systems to find the right density and base material that works best for you.

8. Be realistic

The processed hair in a typical hair system looks its best for about 2-4 months on average. Expecting to wear it longer and have it look brand new is unrealistic.

9. Get a guarantee

Only purchase a hair system from a company that offers a really great guarantee (oh wait, that's us!). Be sure you can at least wash and wear the system without voiding the guarantee (yep, we allow that too!). Each unit is handmade and there's definitely some margin for error, so you want to be able to get it fixed or get your money back.

10. Do your homework

Learn everything you possibly can about ordering properly to get the look you want, as well as things like how to clean your scalp and base to get the best bond. Lucky for you, we've got huge Learn and Video sections to teach you what you need to know, and we add new stuff regularly.

11. Have a backup

It's always best to have at least two hair systems on hand, just in case. And it helps your reattachments go a little faster when you have a clean system ready to go.

12. Get support

Isolation causes irrational fears than can keep you from moving forward. Share your concerns with a trustworthy friend, spouse or relative. Most people are genuinely sympathetic to what you are going through. Just having someone listen can really help build your confidence so you progress more quickly with less stress.

And, we want to help! Our hair techs are only a phone call or email away and our Community is full of folks in the same boat as you (and me!). We're ready to listen and help, so if you've got questions, fire away and we'll do our best to help you out. Actually, this month's webcast is all about straight talk from real people who wear hair. Maybe we'll see you there?

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Integration units, clip-ons, bonded systems—even hair transplants—I‘ve been there and done that! After mastering bonded hair replacement, I started a consultation business and created a training system that educates women on how to transition into wearing bonded hair faster, with greater success, and less emotional fatigue. I posted in the HD forum for over 4 years as a client, and eventually joined the staff at Hair Direct as a content developer in 2012. My role focuses primarily on creating educational and instructional materials that can help you learn faster and make more strategic decisions so you can have a great experience wearing hair. It’s not just about looking good in your hair, it’s about feeling good under it too.


LadyPzaz said:

Excellent advice!! Getting mine done tomorrow - woohoo!! Smile

HD-Susan said:

Yay! I'm so excited for you. Let us know how it goes!

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