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2012 in Your Own Words

Monday, December 24, 2012 12:33 PM  |  by HD-Andy

A couple of weeks ago our Community passed another membership milestone. We rolled past the 80,000 member mark this December! At this point, that signage is becoming a blur, but it did get me thinking about the forums, and about those of you who hang out in them.

The HD Community, 2012 Whether or not you realize it, we appreciate the heck out of you, even when you’re busting our chops! People come to our Community looking for answers, and it’s your insight and experience that makes it all possible. We HD-types chime in when we need to, and when there are specific HD questions, but it’s y’all who man the barricades and do the heavy-lifting!

So I want to highlight the biggest posts and posters from 2012, to shed some archival light on what was so important that we all just had to have our say! Don’t worry: I won’t get too specific or call anyone out; the goal isn’t to embarrass anyone.

Most Active Threads

Here are the threads that drew out the most responses.

  • April – June Bonding Sisters
    An example of the Community doing its job perfectly. Newbies banded together and got some advice from seasoned wearers. It was awesome to see you work through a new experience together. Way to go, ladies!
  • New Roots
    Could have been subtitled: Let’s all fight about stuff! This rather embarrassing thread probably started off with good intentions, but devolved into petty insults. We actually had to break out the ruler to smack some knuckles!
  • Full Cap for Men
    A great read for anyone considering going all-out with their hair systems. This thread has some of the best advice anywhere on the site about ordering and wearing full caps. JRob and many others contributed.
  • NJ and NYC ladies
    They wanted even more community, so they got together! A group of ladies took some serious initiative, unplugged, and sought each other out in the real world, to set up a non-virtual support group of like-minded hair-wearers.
  • Any Regrets??
    A good thread for any hair-wearer who has doubts about bonded hair systems. It narrows in on the pros and cons of custom hair replacement, and sheds light on some common fears. Does your hair ever really blow away in the wind?

Most Active Members

Some of you have invested pretty heavily in our Community, typing your fingers to the bone, eyes red from straining long into the night. You may have shamelessly neglected your personal health, job responsibilities and dependents’ wellbeing to be part of something bigger than yourselves! You’ve taken the time to share your stories, advice, and photos by the hundreds and you deserve some credit.

So let’s have a drumroll for our top 3 forum contributors, who out-posted everyone else in the Community this year!

  • #3. V
    V always has some encouragement or insightful questions to throw into a thread. He’s been elevating our conversations all year, in 114 posts, and really knows his hair. We’re glad he’s here, even when he’s pissed off at HD!
  • #2. lillian22
    150 posts! We got to meet Lillian this year when she came to the office for some photos and a video shoot. We’ll share those soon! For now, we like to say thanks for being inquisitive, and for sharing your journey with everyone.
  • #1. Lise
    Lise contributed a whopping 239 posts in 2012, way more than anyone else (at least anyone who’s not on the payroll)! Aside from her obvious experience, what sets Lise’s posts apart is their candor. She didn’t pull punches, and has a lot of knowledge to dole out.

Because they’ve invested in us, we want to give them a little something back. We’ve got a coupon code for each of you, Lise, Lillian, and V, and we’ll be in touch soon!

Lastly, I need to thank our own HD-Susan, who was way more active than anyone else, but doesn’t get to win this little game because she works here. She gets to work with me; what more could she want? Happy Holidays, everyone, and thanks for being part of the Community! We literally couldn’t do it without you, and we look forward to more questions, answers, photos, fights, and fun next year!

About HD-Andy

Andy is one of our Content Developers. He writes about all things hair-related, and a few things totally non-hair-related. Andy's got a lovely wife and a bunch of kids at home. He plays no significant musical instruments. Yet.


HD-Marcos said:

Congratulations everyone!

What I like about the culture here at HD and in the community is that we are all like family and we try our best to reflect our values on this site. It's so awesome to see this community becoming the center learning hub for everyone wether you are a client of ours or not!

Happy Holidays!

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