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How to Order Highlights Like a Hair Tech

Monday, November 19, 2012 11:33 AM  |  by HD-Mary

So you're looking for a new hairstyle, but there are so many to choose from. And when you throw hair color and highlights in to the mixture the possibilities are seemingly endless. After all, there are streaks, chunks and spotlights. What do those terms mean anyway? It's enough to make your head spin!

Well we don't want anyone spinning out of control when it comes to their hair. So let’s look at a few examples of hair system highlighting effects to help you to identify exactly what you're asking for. Because we're talking about ordering hair systems, you'll also be seeing a few photos of the underside of bases, just so you know what to expect when you receive your “highlighted” hair system. Think of them as backstage pictures. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Streak HighlightsThe traditional idea of highlights is subtle, evenly-placed streaks throughout the hair system. This type of highlighting gives the general appearance of lightness that brightens the overall color. Highlights are typically applied to a hair system by a checker board design that alternates the 2 different colors that a client requests. Or by having small circles of the highlighted color placed evenly throughout the system.


Spotlight HighlightsNow with all of the “funkier” styles that are becoming more and more popular, traditional highlighting has taken on a new look: spotlights. These are definitely not subtle! They are very bold streaks that can either be placed throughout the hair or just in the front/top/crown areas depending on the look you're trying to achieve. This look can also be applied to a hair system in a 1 cm square checker board design or in bold circles placed throughout the hair system.


Chunk HighlightsAnother look that is becoming more and more popular is highlighting chunks. This is where there is a bigger, bolder streak or chunk of color used in specific deliberate places. For hair systems, chunks are solid highlights at least 1.5 cm square on a system’s base. Most times they are in the frontal area, but they can be scattered throughout, too. Hey, with all the new hairdos out there you never know where you want a splash of color!

Most of you know what you want, but just don't know the correct terminology to use when asking for your highlighted looks. Hopefully now you have a little better understanding of the terms that we use when designing your highlighted hair systems. Of course sending in photos of the look that you're trying or wanting to achieve is the best way to get your point across with your hair tech. So look through magazines and surf the web for that perfect look! Just be sure to share your findings with us so we can do what we do best...create and design! Bottom line: Help us help you!

What do you think? Did the photos help you to understand highlighting techniques? Do you already order your hair system with highlights? How did you request your highlights? Did you send or email pictures to your hair tech? Help others to make their highlight dreams come true and share your knowledge!

Until next time...Happy Hair Days!

About HD-Mary

I have always had a love for hair and all aspects of it. So after years of cutting/coloring/perming and styling family and friends hair I took the leap and put myself through Cosmetology school. I love creating/designing and educating clients. So, I have been referred to by a few in the office as "Obi Wan" because I love to share my knowledge. Hair Direct has allowed me to follow my passions and be a part of a great company to boot!


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