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Dying to Dye? Read this First

by HD-Andy  |  Friday, June 29, 2012 3:18 PM

Hair is always changing. That’s the beauty of it: because it’s always growing we’re free to make our own changes to it, knowing that eventually we’ll have a clean slate to work with again. But some changes can be disappointing, especially if you’re dealing…

CurlySue Getting a Much Bigger Voice

by HD-Brandon  |  Monday, June 25, 2012 11:34 AM

We’re starting this week with some very exciting news! Our Community and forums have been open to the public for 7 years now. During that time we’ve seen tens of thousands of hair wearers come and go – it’s always been a thrill to see so many people with…

Is Summer Fun Killing Your Hair?

by HD-Mary  |  Monday, June 18, 2012 1:17 PM

Summertime, glorious summertime! This is the time of year that everyone is heading to the beach or the pool looking for sun, sand, surf and relaxation! Picture yourself sitting by the pool or on the beach soaking up the sun. Then taking a dip in the pool…

Bring on the Color: Blending vs. Highlights

by HD-Mary  |  Friday, June 08, 2012 3:25 PM

Looking to do something different with your hair? If you're leaning more towards a color change then you have a few options. You could make a bold statement and change your color altogether, or go for something a little more subtle, just to brighten things…

Eliminating Glue Shine So You Shine

by HD-Andy  |  Friday, June 01, 2012 3:43 PM

Ever notice that the people we’re expected to idolize are pretty flashy? Rock stars and actors fill up the spotlight with bright makeup or with sequined vests and codpieces. Superheroes stand out from the crowd with shiny outfits or green skin or robot…

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