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More on My 5-Week Test (New Products)

Friday, January 29, 2010 9:21 AM  |  by HD-Mike
Remember my last post about upcoming products and I said stay tuned for more info? Well here you go! That copolymer water-based adhesive I mentioned in the other post is called Ultra Derm. Just thought I'd share my application/removal/cleanup process with you, because I think it may come in handy. It works right along with the No Sweat.

Everyone knows the key to a strong bond is proper scalp preparation. After I was sure my scalp was 100% squeaky clean and dry, I dampened a paper towel with No Sweat and wiped a thin coat on my scalp. Frankly I don’t remember, but I think I had Supertape on the sides and back of the unit. Then I applied four (4) very thin coats of Ultra Derm on my scalp in the front, making sure that every coat extended about ¼” in front of the lace and that each coat dried completely clear between coats.

I applied a fifth coat, but didn't let it dry before I applied the lace front. This allowed the lace to imbed itself into the adhesive. Using the teeth of a comb, I gently pressed the lace down into the adhesive.
The next day, I sponged some TDi Knot Sealer down through the front by separating the hair to help prevent airborne dust from getting into the to the adhesive.

Five weeks later I sprayed a liberal amount of Adjust-A-Bond in the front and around the perimeter to loosen the adhesive before removing the system. After the Adjust-A-Bond completely evaporated, I pulled off about a 3’ piece of GLAD Wrap Press‘n Seal and placed it on a counter top with the tacky side down and smoothed it out. Then I slid the unit across the wrap, the same as you would with a mirror or glass surface.

When you’re finished just throw the wrap away. No cleaning the goop off of the mirror or glass. This process takes about 2 minutes. Looks like we’ll be doing some videos soon. ;-)

Have a Great Hair Day!


P.S. - Thanks for posting this, Mike. 

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mauro_sun said:

quando farete il video?

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