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My Five-Week Attachment: A Personal Best

Friday, January 22, 2010 8:41 AM  |  by HD-Mike

Not that I’m trying to set a record for extended wear. I’m just testing two new exciting potential products. I think the term the techies use is “beta?” Anyway, one product is a copolymer water-based adhesive. (More on that product in another post.) But the other product is a HD-crafted perspiration retardant called No Sweat.  

Five weeks ago today I attached my disposable hair system using our No Sweat formula as part of my scalp-prep routine. I decided to take it off today, not because it’s getting loose, but because I thought it might be getting a tad “aromatic,” if you get my drift.

I think it’s important to note that I spent two of those five weeks in a sweltering 90-degree sauna known as Panama. Not going to get a much better test than that.

We hope to make both of these products available to you as soon as the results of our other field tests are in.

Have a great hair day.


UPDATE: I had Mike help me out with posting this one, as I wrote it longhand.


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I'm just your average over-caffeinated, bell pepper-loving, former HCM hair-wearing writer. Donated my chrome dome to HD science. Love being a lab rat, just wish I could keep the hair out of my cheese. Learn a little more about me here.


blondie12 said:

Can't wait.  Hurry up and get it going!!!  It sounds very encouraging even though I wouldn't leave it attached that long it's incredible that it hasn't even come loose after that length of time.  

blondie12 said:

I am curious about the clean up of the water based adhesive.  The No Sweat product sounds awesome.  How long do you think it will take for HD to sell these products?

HD-Susan said:

How many times did you have to redo the front hairline in those five weeks?

Gwen said:

That sounds great Bill!!! Can't wait to try it!


devildan said:

How do I order NO SWEAT ?

HD-Brandon said:

Hey guys, Bill wanted me to thank you for the comments and asked that I type in his response... so here ya go:

Cleanup after removal only took a couple minutes, I did my own version of the mirror slide using Glad wrap (which I'll demonstrate in a video later). During the entire 5 weeks, I actually didn't need to redo my hairline once! :) The new "No Sweat" product is ready to be bottled, just have to finish up the artwork for the label so I'd say it should be available for sale within a couple months. Hope this answers everybody's questions, thanks again for everything!

Simon Fletcher said:

This is what I love about Hair Direct. 'They're in the lead. The rest follow...miles behind.' Ha, you can adopt that slogan if you want.;)

J_from_BMORE said:

Bill I have to tell you the "No Sweat" product is fantastic! Diane tested the product on me three weeks ago when I visited HD. For someone like myself who has an oily scalp, the product not only gave me a longer hold, but also made cleanup removal much easier. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Hats off to you Bill. I anticipate this product being a hot seller. :D

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