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Results - Wen Products

Thursday, December 10, 2009 10:56 AM  |  by Babe with a Mane

Hello to all on this chilly morning!

It seems everyone has been buzzing about Wen hair care products since JoJoFree posted about it on the message boards.

Yep, you guessed it, I ran out - well, I hobbled out - to my computer and clicked away until my credit card shrieked with horror! In about two weeks, I had my box of Wen products delivered.

FYI Wen products are marketed by Guthy-Renker - a VERY successful marketing/branding company that also represents companies like: Proactive, Scalpmed and various products endorsed by Susan Lucci, Victoria Principal, Jane Seymour, Cindy Crawford and Leeza Gibbons. You get my drift..

Before I get too involved with my review - a big thanks to JoJoFree for sharing her recommendation with us. I love trying new products and I'm always looking for the next best trick! So - Yes JoJo and thanks again!

I have used the Wen Cleansing Conditioner - - for 3 weeks now. So here are some review comments:

1. It's really tough to get used to the fact that there are NO SUDS - yep, no foaming, luxurious, lathery (is that a word?), silky suds. Thankfully, I have read enough to know that the suds are simply a marketing technique used to "sell" the clean. Foaming doesn't help a shampoo clean, did you know that? It's just an additive to make us like the shampoo more and to make us believe it's more effective. Surfactants are usually pretty harsh on our hair, but that's what is added to shampoos to make them foam.

2. Directions say to leave it in your hair for 3-5 minutes for the best benefit. OK, well, that seems easy, but if I start shaving my legs BEFORE I put it in my hair, I'm doomed! After all, with 4 teenagers, I'm lucky to have enough hot water for a cup of tea after they all get their showers!

3. I think I end up using more than I'm supposed to because it just doesn't "feel" like it's coating all of my hair. At $29.95 (plus $8.00 shipping) you need to be a little stingy using it unless you have the resources.

4. It works fabulously on my non-biological hair! My "store-bought" hair is soft and shiny. Feels terrific. Very similar to the Pureology Nanoworks shampoo and conditioner that I swear by.

But...and darn it there is usually a but...when I shampoo, I use it on my unit and my bio hair. The problem is, within one day, my bio hair is oily and looks stringy. I believe it's because my natural hair is oily to begin with. Keep in mind, the HD hair looks terrific - it's just my natural hair (what's left of it) doesn't match the HD hair.

Now for my recommendation -

A+ for Wen Conditioning Shampoo IF:

1. You only use it on your unit or your bio hair is normal/dry.

2. You wear a full cap system.

3. You can afford it.

4. You remember to reorder it in plenty of time so you don't run out.

I'm going to give what's left of mine to my girls to see how it works for their curly mops! When I have those results, I will definitely update you! For me? I'm just going to stick with my Pureology Nanoworks until someone else finds another good one for me to try!

Back to the foamy stuff,



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Gwen said:

Thanks Babe.....I am a big fan of the Morrocan Oil products and the It's a 10. Especially the It's A 10 leave in conditioner.


daddyof4 said:

Hey there Babe!  It's official...I started earlier this evening and now I have read ALL of your Blog!  :o)   I just had to take a second to say thank you.  I'm not a woman, and I'm not losing my hair, but my daughter is, and I wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU for stepping up to the plate and giving out SO MUCH information.  I think we're going to try the "attach the front then work around" method that you use, this weekend.  It's a full cap, but it sounds like it would be much easier than trying to get the whole thing down at once!  I feel like we have avoided SO MANY issues already, thanks to the MANY questions that CurlySue has answered, and now after reading your blog, I can see this starting to get a little easier already!!  Thanks again!!


Babe with a Mane said:


Thank you so much for your comments! I'm SO happy to be of some help to your family! Please feel free to email if you have any questions!


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