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Lessons - Weather and Adhesives

Saturday, September 26, 2009 10:42 AM  |  by Babe with a Mane

Sitting here looking out the window (which is the only thing I can do for quite some time) I'm watching my leaves turn red and begin to fall. After several deep sighs, I realize that summer is over and fall has definitely arrived. Now don't get me wrong, fall is one of my favorite seasons, it's just that I thought I would be active again by know, raking leaves, picking pumpkins and apples, baking pies...yep, I do love fall!

Another thing I love about fall is that the temperatures start to drop. For all of us who wear hair, it's a great time of the year and a not-so-great time of the year. For our attachments, the news is fabulous! I find that in the fall, my attachments are much longer lasting and the adhesives don't break down nearly as quickly. I'm sure that makes a lot of sense to you. Hot water and hot weather both break down adhesives quickly. Cool water and cool weather help to keep the adhesives stable for a longer time. Usually, during the fall/winter, I can easily get a two week attachment from my combination method of Safegrip glue at the hairline and NS tape all the way around the perimeter and as my stabilizing center strips.

The not-so-good news about the fall/winter is that the lack of moisture in the air can dry out our hair more quickly. Make sure you take extra care in keeping your hair moist. Leave in conditioners are great and there are lots of products in the HD store to help you through the dry seasons. It's really important to remember to take great care of your hair because once it gets super dry, it's very hard to get your shine back. So, slather it on, spray it on, goop it up and keep that shiny hair smiling!

Below is a link to my recommended leave-in conditioner - give it a try and let me know how you like it!

If you don't mind, I'm just going to sit here a while longer and enjoy these leaves. After all, there are probably more ways to enjoy the season that I have yet to explore from my chair!

Gosh it's a beautiful day!

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My natural hair has not been seen for over 20 years. It has hidden under wigs and weaves, under toppik, colored sprays, couvre and dermatch. My growing hair is a significant burden. It takes too much time to try to fix it up to be presentable, too much money to try to fix, too much energy to worry about and conceal. Every day, I used to wish for great hair. Every day I was ashamed of my thin hair. Every day, I woke up feeling confident, feminine and sexy inside. Then, I looked in the mirror at my natural hair and those positive thoughts were robbed from me. My natural hair forced me to feel unattractive, timid and insecure. I know who I am inside and I wanted to project that image to everyone else. To do that, my hair had to change. Women who are bald or have very thin hair, are not considered "socially acceptable" in the general public's eye. I wanted to be considered socially acceptable, my natural hair wouldn't let me. My dream hair allows me to lead a normal life. I wake up to my guy nuzzling my neck while my soft hair is brushed aside. I jump in the shower to wash my hair. I look in the mirror to see a confident and sexy woman, looking back at me. I don't waste hours trying to disguise myself to fit in. I blow dry and curl my hair and start my day with a spring in my step. I don't catch others staring at my thin hair while trying to have a conversation with me. The same confident, self assurance that I feel inside is now projected on the outside. There are no further internal battles between true persona and an incongruous outward appearance. I am finally, after a lifetime of dreaming, able to project an image that reflects the confident, sexy, intelligent, feminine woman I truly am.


HD-Mary said:

I love Fall too Babe! Here's hoping that you're back on your feet again and feeling better soon =)

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