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Random Thoughts - RIP Patrick Swayze

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 9:42 AM  |  by Babe with a Mane

From the rough and tumble "Roadhouse" to the clash of the classes in "Dirty Dancing", Patrick Swayze was one of my favorite actors. Maybe it's because I used to teach Ballroom Dancing and compete professionally. After all, both of his parents were professional ballroom dancers. It could be that I yearned to dance like they did in Dirty Dancing and he was such a hero to me when he uttered those words,

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

But whatever the draw was, I really did love his movies.

Perhaps the most romantic moment in a movie was when he starred in "Ghost". Do you remember?

"Ditto" Such a simple word. It had been around for decades when Swayze used it as Sam Wheat," but once it left his lips in that film, it was forever his.

One of the most powerful romance films of our time, "Ghost" saw Swayze as a man so completely in love with his fiancé that he actually comes back from the grave to let her know how much in love with her he really is.

The first time he says "Ditto" in the film, while still alive, the line is practically a throw away, but when he repeats it again from the other side, it becomes something much more powerful.

At the end when he finally says "I love you" to Molly and she responds with his classic "ditto," it becomes something we'll never forget.

Rest in peace Patrick, your fans all love you....

Did you hear that? I think he just said, "Ditto".

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My natural hair has not been seen for over 20 years. It has hidden under wigs and weaves, under toppik, colored sprays, couvre and dermatch. My growing hair is a significant burden. It takes too much time to try to fix it up to be presentable, too much money to try to fix, too much energy to worry about and conceal. Every day, I used to wish for great hair. Every day I was ashamed of my thin hair. Every day, I woke up feeling confident, feminine and sexy inside. Then, I looked in the mirror at my natural hair and those positive thoughts were robbed from me. My natural hair forced me to feel unattractive, timid and insecure. I know who I am inside and I wanted to project that image to everyone else. To do that, my hair had to change. Women who are bald or have very thin hair, are not considered "socially acceptable" in the general public's eye. I wanted to be considered socially acceptable, my natural hair wouldn't let me. My dream hair allows me to lead a normal life. I wake up to my guy nuzzling my neck while my soft hair is brushed aside. I jump in the shower to wash my hair. I look in the mirror to see a confident and sexy woman, looking back at me. I don't waste hours trying to disguise myself to fit in. I blow dry and curl my hair and start my day with a spring in my step. I don't catch others staring at my thin hair while trying to have a conversation with me. The same confident, self assurance that I feel inside is now projected on the outside. There are no further internal battles between true persona and an incongruous outward appearance. I am finally, after a lifetime of dreaming, able to project an image that reflects the confident, sexy, intelligent, feminine woman I truly am.


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