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Random Thoughts - Email from a reader

Wednesday, September 09, 2009 9:59 AM  |  by Babe with a Mane

Emails from Readers, like the one below, have all been "scrubbed clean" of any identifying information. I am using them to help others who may have the same questions!


"I'm not sure if your still at this email address ( or not, but I thought i'd give it a try.  I saw lots of your posts on the HD website, and if you have a moment i'd really appreciate it.

I just turned 30 - female, i've been losing my hair since I was about 25.  Devastating dosn't even begin to cover it...but i'm sure I don't have to explain.  I used to have strangers stop me on the street commenting on how gorgeous my hair was, and now it's difficult to cover up the thinning.  I use derm-match, a topical make up to help me with the appearance of the thinning areas (mostly crown of my head), but my confidence as a women to have thicker hair as I used to....and to flaunt gone.  When I read your posts it gave me hope that maybe I can get that back again.
Here are my questions, I wear my hair up a lot.  I love upsweeps and clips, I don't have bangs...and I don't like them really.  Can you still pull your hair back into a pony tail? And in the summer time do you feel your scalp getting very itchy or hot? I'm wondering how you'd deal with that, because I enjoy working out."
Thanks for the email! I'm sorry you have to deal with hairloss. It isn't on my top ten list of fun things to do - that's for sure!!! I also used to try to use Derm-match to cover up what Mother Nature stole from my head, but it only worked as long as I bought black bedding, never perspired and outran any rainstorm. The brown stuff always rubbed off on my pillows and ran down my face when I had that "glowing sheen" after working out. BBLLLEEECCCCHHHH! I am so glad to be rid of that stuff.
Now, on to answering your questions!
1. Yes, you can still pull your hair back into a ponytail. If you do not wear bangs of any sort, you will probably need to retouch the very front hairline every 3-4 days or so. It's a little more time consuming, but I can go at least 4 days with no re-touch of my hairline just by cleaning it each morning if needed! I wear my hair up almost every day while I'm home or at the gym.
2. Do I have an itchy, hot scalp? Let me just say that in recent years, every inch of my body gets hot and itchy of it's own volition and I have no say in the matter. Mother Nature just LOVES messing with me I guess. All joking aside, when I first started wearing hair, I had a slight itch, but I think it was just a reaction to the tape I used at the time. When I changed adhesives, I no longer had the problem. I recommend doing a "patch test" with each new adhesive you try before you apply it to your scalp to warn you of any potential allergy.
As far as my new hair causing me to "feel hot", I haven't noticed any difference at all. The lace breathes and allows airflow to my scalp. It is much lighter than any wig or weave I ever tried and I am very relieved since I had the same fear! None of us want to end up melting each time we put our hair on!
I hope I have answered your questions and feel free to ask any others you may think of!
Sweet dreams on your satin pillowcase,

About Babe with a Mane

My natural hair has not been seen for over 20 years. It has hidden under wigs and weaves, under toppik, colored sprays, couvre and dermatch. My growing hair is a significant burden. It takes too much time to try to fix it up to be presentable, too much money to try to fix, too much energy to worry about and conceal. Every day, I used to wish for great hair. Every day I was ashamed of my thin hair. Every day, I woke up feeling confident, feminine and sexy inside. Then, I looked in the mirror at my natural hair and those positive thoughts were robbed from me. My natural hair forced me to feel unattractive, timid and insecure. I know who I am inside and I wanted to project that image to everyone else. To do that, my hair had to change. Women who are bald or have very thin hair, are not considered "socially acceptable" in the general public's eye. I wanted to be considered socially acceptable, my natural hair wouldn't let me. My dream hair allows me to lead a normal life. I wake up to my guy nuzzling my neck while my soft hair is brushed aside. I jump in the shower to wash my hair. I look in the mirror to see a confident and sexy woman, looking back at me. I don't waste hours trying to disguise myself to fit in. I blow dry and curl my hair and start my day with a spring in my step. I don't catch others staring at my thin hair while trying to have a conversation with me. The same confident, self assurance that I feel inside is now projected on the outside. There are no further internal battles between true persona and an incongruous outward appearance. I am finally, after a lifetime of dreaming, able to project an image that reflects the confident, sexy, intelligent, feminine woman I truly am.


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