A Note from the Bills

We're the Bills. We own the place.
But really, we think it belongs to you.

What do we do?

Our commitment to you is simple. We'll work our tails off to deliver custom hair replacement the way you want it: Affordable, private and completely natural.

We've been in the hair replacement business for over 20 years, providing an affordable alternative to the big Hair Club®. And we think we've found a solution that really works!

Instead of wasting time on long-commutes or sitting in waiting rooms. And with no more contracts to sign or ridiculously high pricing schemes. Our system puts you in charge. Your hair system. Your choices.

Who are we? What do we know about hair replacement?

We're a family owned and operated business.

Bill Sr. is our mad scientist. He's a long-time hair wearer and spends most of his time working on new technologies and materials to increase the level of appearance and durability of our hair systems.

Bills Working in Hair Replacement Bill Jr. is charged with making our customers' experience the best it can be. He handles day-to-day operations and is frequently working on new ideas to improve the speed and consistency of fulfilling custom hair system orders.

Both the Bills are licensed barbers and have worked closely with literally thousands of hair loss sufferers in the past. They like to consider themselves pioneers in hair replacement — always seeking new ground and constantly in search of better and more efficient ways of providing custom hair systems to clients all around the globe.

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