Client Testimonials

Straight from our clients…

  • Ordering direct changed my whole outlook on hair replacement. Who knew it was possible to save so much money and do this all from home! Kenneth - Memphis, TN
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wasted so many years (and dollars) at Hair Club... but I'm free now. Sarah - Clearwater, FL
  • Any company can sell me a hair system (and I've ordered from lots of them! haha) but you guys just seem to care more. Plus your website rocks! Bryan - Annville, PA
  • At first I wasn't sure this would work for me, the first unit was FAR from perfect. But my hair tech was such a sweetheart and made everything better on the remake. I love you guys!! Jackie - Palo Alto, CA


Meet Our Clients


“The new piece is fantastic; you are the best. Your staff is tremendous. I've been your customer for 6 years and I will do business with you forever.”
Al from Lexington, KY

“My new replacement unit arrived this week. You really did a good job on it and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your fine work!”
Rich from Clearwater, FL

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new system. Now I get compliments all over the place; usually it's “nice haircut!” I am really enjoying the frontal lace as it's nearly impossible to notice anything unnatural. Your service was as good as advertised and I could not be happier!”
Paul from Modesto, CA

“You guys are the best! My second unit is great. I've been wearing it for a couple of days now and it's absolutely perfect. I was at a Rolling Stones concert last night, and some girl remarked what a great head of hair I had! Thanks again!”
Chris from Columbus, OH

“Well, you've done it again! My new hair system is wonderful! I am pleased with every aspect of it. Your continued excellence and superior Customer Service have solidified my confidence in Hair Direct. You keep me looking good and that's very important to me. Thank you so much!”
Ed from Sumter, SC

“I am very pleased with my third unit, which I received a few days ago. I have no complaints what so ever. I hope to continue with Hair Direct for many years to come. Thanks Bill and all who work with you!”
G.V. from Monticello, MS

“I am very pleased with the new unit I bought from Hair Direct. It feels good, looks good and the hair cut is one of the best cuts I've ever had. I feel very confident with this unit. Thank you for being there and taking care of me!”
Dan from Annapolis, MD

“Now that I have received my first system let me tell you, you guys are a perfect ten in my book… The High Definition lace system is truly magical… I often look at my hairline close in the mirror and not even I can tell the hair isn't growing from my scalp!!!”
Jeff from Mt. Vernon, IL

“I want to emphasize my satisfaction with the quality and natural appearance of your systems. Wearing a Hair Direct system brings me a level of confidence never experienced with any other company's product.”
Jeffery from Rochester, IN

“I commend your organization on the service I received yesterday. The hair tech I spoke with was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about the products and explained all the options. I look forward to receiving your hair replacement system!”
Lowell from Long Island

“Thanks for taking good care of me and for the super customer service!”
Ian from Springfield, MO

"Thank you so much for your timely follow-up and exceptionally fast service. Everyone at Hair Direct has been extremely helpful and I have learned a lot.”
Rich from Harrisburg, PA

“I just wanted you guys to know you did a great job fixing my unit. So far it seems to be perfect. Thanks again for your quick service!”
Chris from Oakridge, OR

“Thank you so much for replacing my newest hair unit, instead of just adding hair. I appreciate being charged only a small price for the replacement. You are a very nice and honest business, and I certainly won't forget that. I love the new unit. It's perfect! I will be a faithful customer of Hair Direct from now on!”
Bobby from Charlotte, NC

“After wearing hairpieces for more than 20 years - it is so nice to find a business like yours. You have continued to supply a quality product at a reasonable price.”
Len from El Paso, TX

“I can't believe how lucky I got when I found HD on the internet. The service is quick and courteous and you have always answered my questions thoroughly”
Gyula from St. Laurent, Quebec

“Thanks for all your time and advice!!!! I love knowing I have a patient, well-informed person who is ready to help me whenever I have a question. I can't thank you enough for all your advice!”
Brett from St. Petersburg, FL

“You guys have great customer service and every time I call you are so helpful and always answer my questions and just always make me feel so much better.”
Kalli from Ottawa, KS

“Your guarantee inspired me to try Hair Direct, and it has changed my life and appearance forever! You were absolutely right -- how could I possibly go wrong with your product and 100% satisfaction guarantee? I am astonished at the quality and appearance of my very first Hair Direct system. My wife is simply amazed, and for the first time ever, my children asked if my 'Real Hair' had grown again... Thanks for everything!”
Jeff from Whitehall, MI

“I would like to thank your staff for being so helpful in selecting an appropriate hair replacement system. At first I was a bit skeptical at both the price and quality you had advertised -- until the very day I received it. The system you produced is far more superior than my last $2400 system with Hair Club for Men! I am very satisfied with my Hair Direct system and couldn't be happier with how natural it looks. Again, thank you all very much!”
Sean from Mesita, NM

“This letter is to thank you for your excellent product and service…. I've been wearing a hairpiece for 25 years… It was a total mess and became very expensive each month to have it re-bonded… The best part of your method is that I can do everything myself!”
Michael from Haddon Heights, NJ

“In truth I will admit… I didn't hold very high hopes… until I arrived home to my new system from Hair Direct. It is perfect. In all the countless trips I have made to my previous hair replacement center I have never been so satisfied with the result. For the past two and a half years I have been a “member” of Hair Club for Men… I have been feeling unhappy, frustrated and in general feeling less than satisfied… I was spending almost $6,000 a year on myself and not enjoying it.”
Evan from Cambridge, MS

“I am [so pleased] with my new hairpiece, it's so realistic and definitely the best I have ever had! I must say that I was a bit skeptical beforehand but now I'm convinced… I went to get it cut in and the hairdresser was very impressed with both the quality of the hair and realism of the front hair line… The best compliment she said was that the hair was behaving more naturally than my own hair! So a big well done to the research and development you guys and gals put into these units.”
Andrew from the U.K.

“I just received my new hair replacement from your company… it's perfect, the color the quality of the hair and the cut and style. After 25 years wearing toupees this was truly a joyous experience to get it right immediately!”
Michael from New York, NY

“I have purchased pieces from Squires, Hair Club, Van Scoy to name a few. I was very leery of purchasing a hairpiece over the phone. I just could not understand how you could properly size and cut it to my satisfaction. For the record, I'm still in awe… I purchased the High Definition front and it fools me. My wife and daughter also cannot believe the quality and realistic appearance!”
Bob from Columbus, OH

“Before engaging your services, I had done a great deal of research… I was initially impressed by your honesty, competence, quality and fair pricing. Unlike other companies, there were never any over-pricing, over-selling, required extended contracts or other BS. Still, I was very nervous at the onset. Now, after 6 months let me say that I am more than pleased with your hair replacement system (and more importantly, so is “My Sweetie”).”
Gregory from Brick, NJ