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Founded in 1994, Hair Direct Inc., located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is an online hair loss solutions company. With clients all over the world, we provide non-surgical hair replacement systems (hairpieces, toupees etc) for both men and women. We also sell a complete line of attachment and maintenance products on our website.

We have a retail salon for on site client appointments but our focus is on selling and servicing clientele around the globe through the mail. Our first production factory was located in Qingdao, China and we've added a few more factories as we've grown. 

Hair Direct's competitive advantage is the ability to deliver a custom, undetectable hair replacement system at a much lower cost than traditional retailers. By ordering direct from the factory and servicing our clients through the mail, we keep our costs low and pass those savings on to the customer.

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We try to keep the media informed about what we're working on. Here you can find a complete list of past press releases.


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Please direct all press and media related inquiries and questions to Leona Griffin, Director of Digital Strategy - (717) 553-6633 ext. 854 or email

Company Name Hair Direct Incorporated
Year Founded 1994
Corporate Headquarters Lancaster, PA
Website Address
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Main Phone (717) 553-6633