Our History & Experience

We've been in the custom hair replacement business for 40 years — for over 18 years we've done it all through the mail

We're dedicated to making hair replacement simple, affordable and of course natural and undetectable every time. We accomplish this by listening to you and regularly making improvements to our hair systems and policies.

We're different, here's a few reasons why:

  • Full-time R&D team continually developing and testing new technologies in material, construction and procedures.
  • In house customer support team. We call them our hair techs and each is well trained and licensed in some area of hair styling or replacement.
  • Over 90 professional, full-time hair system ventilators.
  • Complete line of 20 custom hair bases for every type of hair loss sufferer.
  • Industry-leading, High Definition Hair™ - the most natural and undetectable hair systems available.
  • Patent-pending custom fitting kit for easy, complete ordering from home.

Some notes about Bill Biesecker, our founder and president:

  • Owned and operated Man's World with three locations in Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA; the largest and most successful hair salon and hair replacement centers in the world. More than 100 awards were won for Hair Replacement and Styling.
  • Personal achievements: East Coast - 1st Place, U.S. National Champion - 1st Place, and Western Hemisphere - 1st Place. In 1980 expanded services to include mail order.
  • One of the largest distributors for New Man and Jakob Hoffman International(hair replacement manufacturers) along with very successful retail centers in Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA.
  • CEO of Jakob Hoffman International, a hair replacement manufacturer in Manila, Philippines. Most of this time was spent in the technical design, construction technology, and manufacturing of hair systems. It is these designs that have revolutionized today's hair replacement systems and are copied by other manufacturers around the world.
  • Trained thousands of professional hair retailers in design, fitting, cutting, and styling through large seminars and one on one instruction around the world.
  • Consultant for the OnRite Company, the largest hair replacement importer in the United States.
  • Vice President of International Hairgoods. Responsible for all the technical design work for their “Best Hair” division.
  • Founder of the Transitions Group which has become the largest independent hair replacement marketing group in the world.
  • Co-founder of the American Hairloss Council, an organization dedicated to delivering unbiased information to the public on alternatives to hair loss.
  • Almost 20 years ago, Bill Sr. began mail ordering hair replacements direct to the consumer. This 20 years of mail order experience culminated in the development of our patented Custom Fitting Kit and our revolutionary cutting technique.