Feeling Trapped with Big, Overpriced Retailers like Hair Club for Men?

Tired of contracts, high prices, vague answers, pushy sales people and trips to the hair replacement center?

Just because You-Know-Who claims to be the world leader in hair replacement shouldn't give them the right to be so controlling!

Hair Retail Comparison

Like many of our "recovering" clients who used to be You-Know-Who members, you probably just want an easy, private and affordable hair replacement solution with no strings attached.

You may already know, or maybe you're just figuring out that attaching and maintaining your own hair system is pretty easy. So why keep going through the expense and trouble of having someone else do it for you?

You also might have noticed that the hair systems are neither lined in platinum nor encrusted with diamonds. So why do toupees and hairpieces cost so much?

Finally, are you tired of being locked in by long-term obligations? Why doesn't the quality and natural appearance of the hair alone keep you going back? Why do the big companies need those scary contracts?

On top of all these "headaches" dealing with pushy salespeople and hearing vague, indirect answers to your questions about hair loss and hair replacement are the last thing you need.

Time for a change

It's seriously time for a change! Hair Direct has already helped thousands of former You-Know-Who members realize that hair replacement can be done right, look natural and be affordable and easy from beginning to end.

Many people are skeptical at first. How can Hair Direct provide custom hairpieces that will look like my own natural head of hair without me ever having to visit a hair replacement company? That's a fair question. The answer lies inside three important characteristics that set our company apart.

First, our unique system for fitting and design provides tools that empower you to do everything at home that your expensive retail hair stylist has always done in the past. Second, our qualified staff of hair replacement techs, each a licensed stylist or barber. Every team member is well trained in the science of custom hair replacement and available to you free of charge whenever you need them.

And let's not forget the hair! Quality, undetectable appearance and soft, natural hair are at the top of our list. We try to be innovative with hair replacement whenever we can, but mostly we just listen. You tell us what works for you, what you like and what you don't. We go from there.

Of course, our unconditional 100% money-back guarantee that comes along with every new custom hair system takes away some of the worries too.

Get started

Getting started is really pretty easy. You can send in a spare hair system and we can duplicate it, change it a bit, whatever you want. Or we could send you one of our custom fitting kits for the ultimate do-it-yourself experience! We are truly a hair replacement company in line with your needs, not our own.

Whatever you do, remember, this is completely risk-free. You have nothing to lose. At any point within the first month you can walk away for any reason and it won't cost you a thing. No questions asked. Probably just a little bit of pouting.

Our hair and our people really do sell themselves. Get started right now!