Custom Wigs for Men

Quality, natural-looking hair
for every man and every type
of hair loss

Why our custom wigs make you look so good . . .


Transitional Density Hairline
The hair at the very front is placed at random with natural blending. And like a real hairline, the front hair is finer than the rest of the hair for a true biological look.

Invisible Knots
Hair is ventilated (tied) to a base to create a custom wig. The dark coloring of the knots is removed so the hair appears to be growing right out of your scalp.

Undetectable Lace Materials
All lace wigs look great, but ultra-fine lace material at the front edge disappears into your scalp like magic. No one will know where the lace ends and your skin begins.

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Undetectable Men's Wigs That Steal From Nature

Wild guess: You're probably sick of all the time and money you waste on your hair club or salon, but you stay with those guys because at least the hair looks good. And changing up is a huge leap of faith. What if the new hair doesn't look as great as what you're wearing now? Luckily, there's a foolproof way to save a load of cash AND keep a great-looking head of hair.

A wig with a High Definition Hairline™ eliminates “fake hair fear” with undetectable technology that most people think only big Hollywood stars can get. Put two men in a lineup, one with a real hairline and the other with a High Definition Hairline™ and you just can’t tell the difference. Plus, the hair you'll get is just as good as what you're wearing now—and in most cases even better.

Cookie Cutter Wigs Are a Thing of the Past

Some companies use a "one-size-fits-all" approach to hair loss, slap something on your head and call it a day. Don't be a member of that club. Our toupees will never be confused with the dry, flat-looking scalp warmers of yesteryear.

A High Definition Hairline™ is made by hand with quality human hair that mimics your natural hair growth pattern. So if you're suffering from hair loss, there's never been a better time to get a toupee that looks amazing in any light and feels just as awesome.

Why You're Paying Too Much For Your Hair

Next time you're in the chair for a hair maintenance visit, take a good look around. What you're really paying for are stuff like salon lights and cheesy TV ads. Fact is, our wigs come from the same place as the fancy salons. We just eliminate the middle man by delivering the hair to your door—cut, styled and ready-to-wear. All at prices as low as $228 per toupee.

So snatch the power back from the greedy clubs and join the tens of thousands who already enjoy the easy, affordable convenience of buying their hair direct—with a 100% money-back guarantee to boot.

Save Tons of Money

Forget about pricey club service
appointments and maintenance fees

100% Guarantee

That's right. Risk-free buying. You like it
or your money back

Unlimited, Free Support

Buying your hair direct means you're
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