Decoding Density

LIVE Base Design Webcast and Q&A

During this live webcast, we'll unveil a super-secret password worth over $50. You can only get it if you're at the live event, so make sure you're there!




Why You Should Be There

Did you know there are countless base material configurations? Or that there are multiple kinds of laces and "skins," different ways to use poly for reinforcement, and unlimited ways to combine base materials to suit your lifestyle?

If you've ever wondered what other base materials look like or how to improve your current base design, join us on Thursday, February 28th at 7pm EST for a LIVE webcast and Q&A. In this month's webcast, we're going to showcase our most popular base designs up close and personal. We'll show you the most common industry-standard base materials like different laces, monofilament, skin and polyurethane—then explain how to customize them, and why you might want to.

In this hour-long webcast we'll cover:

  • The good, the bad and the ugly of various bases
  • How to customize your base and why
  • How much hair each base type can hold
  • Which bases are easier or harder to clean
  • How long each material usually lasts
  • Your questions for our live panel of experts

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Decoding Density WebcastUnfortunately, you're a little late to the party. This webcast has ended. But don't fret!

View recorded webcast here!